How to Install a Door Handle on a New Door

Handles are exquisite art pieces that add security from unexpected intruders besides adding elegance to the doors wherein they are installed. If one explores the market, one can choose from a variety of designs and styles to suit one’s taste and requirements. Also, the variety is so profuse that you can always choose from the lot suiting your home decor and personal style.

One can always rope in the help of professionals to accomplish the purpose. However, it is always profitable to do it yourself. The only word of caution in the apparatus required would entail cutting out holes wherein the handles would be installed finally.

It’s very important to seek exact measurements else it wouldn’t be closed properly and its surely very annoying in case the handles are installed not within the reach of user i.e. either at very low or high position.

Here we present you a set of rules of instruction that should be adhered to while installing door handles on a new door: –

The first and the foremost step comprises of gathering the tools. This will include a screwdriver, tape measure, chisel, square, drilling machine, marker, coarse file, and a round saw drill bit for cutting holes of desired circumference and perimeters.

Thereafter, the next step will be supporting door on its sides and holding it in place. The doors should ideally not be moving around during the process when you will be drilling the holes.

The height of an average door is eighty inches and ideally, the handle set is placed 46 inches from the top and from the bottom, it should be 36 inches. This placement is perfect and convenient for an average height person to access for use. Nevertheless, it can always be adjusted as per the personal preference.

Once it is determined where the handle should be placed, use a template, and mark the center of the latch holes. Now use a drilling machine to drill approximately three inches into the door.

You should be using the template to make markings for the door for the center of the hole. It should be aligned with the latch hole perfectly. Employ the file to sand and smooth the edges of the whole. Also, use the chisel to cut out the recess wherein the latch plate goes and thereafter use the screws to attach the latches to the door.

Now the door should be hung and secured with brass hinges. Well, now you are completely ready to install the hardware.

A final word of advice would be not all the handle sets should be installed in a similar manner but the basic instruction will be the same.

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